Psychological Facts about Taurus

With a perfect blend of fire and ice, let us take you to the adventures of unraveling a Taurus. Born between the duration of April 20th to May 20th, a Taurus’s zodiac symbol is the Bull. Calm, dangerous and full of mysteries; listed below are a few points we unboxed about a Taurus:

1. Taurus has its sign ruler as Venus and Earth as its Zodiac element, they are already the brightest people you’ll get to know. 

2. Taurus is the most down to earth personality you’ll ever come across. They don’t pretend to be someone they are not. 

3. Taurus is the most hardworking personality one will ever cross paths with. They will work their way out of success with their determination to do more. Once they set their mind into something, they are not scared to work hard for it. 

4. Taurus will never do something that they think is wrong. They are very righteous and honest. However, even if they did something wrong chances are they thought it might be the right thing. 

5. Taurus won’t care if you don’t like them. One of their biggest weapons is that they don’t care what people think about them. They will probably give people more reasons to talk behind their backs. 

6. Taurus is the most stubborn personality that will stumble upon you. They do not get distracted from their work. If you can change their mind from something, congratulations you have done a major Herculean Task. 

7. Taurus is very good at analyzing things and they pay attention to the most minute detail. So, if you need a friend who would pay attention to all your banter, go to a Taurus. 

8. Taurus are very emotional beings, but they will not show it. Instead, they will hide their sentiments under a mask. 

9. Taurus is not someone you would lose easily. They will care about you the most, even when you think that they don’t. However, once they stop caring about you (which is rare) it’s an Endgame.

 10. Taurus are the people who would depend on their instincts rather than the advice of people. They think that their instincts would ultimately lead to the greater good, which proves to be true more than often.

11. If you need someone to be super honest with you, prefer a Taurus. They will say what they see even if it hurts you. They will tell you the sweetest and the most bitter truth, there’s no in-between.

12. If you don’t want to frustrate a Taurus, just don’t ask them to repeat one thing a zillion times. They get very irritated when they have to explain things again and again.

13. Remember the friends who would make fun of you but would protect you if someone else tried to make fun of you? Yep, that is an exact description of a Taurus. They will laugh at you, but will not let others laugh. 

14. Though their zodiac element is a Bull, they are very calm by nature. You will never see an angry Taurus, but if you do, you should know that it is a very rare sight. Moreover, even if they do get angry, they don’t show it.

15. They don’t rush into things or make rash decisions. Instead, they slow down their pace and appreciate the little things they have. They don’t ask for much, they are happy with what they have.

 16. How often do you forget to take your medicines? Well, chances are your Taurus friend will never forget it, even if you do. They’ll remember the slightest detail about you, but won’t let it out.

17. If you have a Taurus friend, remember one thing that if they are agreeing with you on some matter, consider yourself lucky. They usually like things to be done their way. 

18. A Taurus can be very creative when it comes to handling things. They are most likely to find out some crazy, creative yet simple methods to get their work done. 

19. They want to know everything important that is happening with people they care about. Moreover, hiding things from a Taurus is the last mistake you’d like to commit. 

20. Sometimes they are this huge ball of energy floating everywhere, and other times they are like a lazy potato wanting to relax and do nothing. There is no in-between. 

21. Drama and Taurus are two enemies that should never come together, no matter what. Taurus hates unnecessary dramas and tantrums and would cut themselves off if they see it happening. 

22. It is very hard for a Taurus to accept that they are wrong because chances are that they are not. 

23. Though a Taurus has a bag full of things to say to their friends, they still have a problem in communicating their feelings. 

24. Taurus won’t do anything unless and until they are 200% sure about it. Remember when we said they depend on their intuitions? Well, they do and depend on it to decide whether to take up a certain task or not. 

25. Do yourself a favor and never break their trust. However, if you do, they will never forgive you for that. 

Love and Friendship

1. One thing you can always expect from your Taurus partner is honesty. They hate deceptions more than they hate drama, so it is advisable for you to be 100% honest with your partner.

2. Taurus believes in working on action rather than just shallow words. So, if you are a friend with one, don’t just make shallow promises but work on them. 

3. Taurus are very loyal people and once they commit to someone they will not back off easily. 

4. They have very strong will power and if you are with them, they will motivate you to d things you have never done or tried. 

5. Taurus will never get angry about stupid petty things. So you can do the stupidest mistake of your life, and still, they’ll just laugh it off. 

6. When in a relationship, one of the biggest drawbacks this sign faces it that they are not good at communicating the way they feel about the other. They might be having a zillion thoughts in their head, but they’ll just put it away with a smile.  

7. One of the biggest perks of having a Taurus as a friend is that they can judge people’s true intentions very quickly. Hence, if you have a Taurus friend, listen to what they have to say about your ‘other’ friends. 

8. Taurus will never forgive or forget your mistake. If you’ve done a mistake, be prepared because you might forget it, but they never will. 

9. Taurus is more likely to stick to a relationship even if it is not working out because they don’t like change. Once they are comfortable with you, they will not leave your side even if it falls stale. 

10.If you are in a relationship with a Taurus, one thing you have to keep in mind that they don’t like third-person interference in private matters. If you do have some problems, try to solve it and keep it between you both, don’t try to bring another person. 

11. Though Taurus hates dishonesty and deception if they are given the slightest hint of lies, they will keep you under their deception. 

12. Taurus likes their relationship to go smooth and simple, without any bumps. However, if there happens to be a problem, they will give their all to solve it so that things go back to normal. 

13. They will remember the slightest detail about you that even you tend to forget about yourself. So, it is good to have an eidetic friend around. 

14. They do not want a diamond ring to be happy all the time, they will be happy with the smallest gesture of love and affection you show to them. Long story short, it doesn’t take much to keep a Taurus happy, they’ll be happy with the most minute things you’d do for them. 

15. Having a Taurus friend around is like having candy around every time. They can be the sweetest personality if they care about you. However, if they stop caring, then facing hell would be a better option than facing them. 

16. Remember Chandler Bing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Well, that is what it is like to have a Taurus friend around. They are sarcastic, funny and will be available when you need them. What else would you want?

17. Taurus prefers to spend their time with family more than friends. So if they are spending more time with friends, chances are they see them as their family. 

18. Having a supportive friend is all we need, right? Well, a Taurus is a friend who will support you no matter what. Even if you have a difference in opinion, they will set it aside and support you till the very end. 

19. ‘Til Death do us Part’ You might have heard this quote many times, and you might have also seen people taking it very lightly. But this quote is a perfect example to determine the meaning of relationship for a Taurus. 

20. You should never be scared of losing your Taurus partner just because they are bored because a Taurus loves routine. For them, a routine is a part of life and they love it. Hence, they’ll never get bored of you or your face. 

21. If you want to share something with your Taurus partner, it is better to be straightforward. They’ll appreciate your frank nature more than anything. 

22. Don’t tell a Taurus what to do and what not to as they like to be the King/Queen of their world. If you are a part of their world, that is, if you matter to them, you’d still have to play by their rules. 

23. A Taurus would do almost anything to make you smile if you are important enough for them. Therefore, if you have a Taurus partner, consider yourself very lucky. 

24. Taurus is a very calm character and would prefer their companion to be calm as well. As mentioned earlier they don’t like unnecessary drama, hence they would prefer somebody who does not create drama because of their anger. 

25. They usually don’t demand expensive things or gifts from their partner because they like efforts more than gifts. However, they can be consumed by materialistic desires too but they won’t ask for it directly. 

Compatibility with other Zodiacs

The sign ruler of Taurus is Venus, which makes them compatible with signs that are more feminine and sensual like Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, and Cancer. However, we have listed down compatibility of other signs with Taurus for your better understanding. 

Taurus and Aries 

1. Their love is seriously like fire and ice. While Taurus is like a cold decent breeze, their Aries companion is like a wild tornado. When they come together, it can be a disaster. 

2. A Taurus can actually help their Aries partner on many occasions which might be very beneficial for an Aries. However, their Taurus partner might feel like the only one putting all the effort. 

3. Taurus are not very good at communicating their feelings which might create a feeling of deception on their Aries partner. However, if they look within themselves, they will realize that they have a very transparent relationship despite the communication gap.

4. They both respect honesty more than anything in a relationship. So, there will be 100% transparency if they work on their differences. 

5. Taurus is a family man, while Aries is a free-spirited ghoul. Commitment is a thing that doesn’t come naturally to Aries but means a lot to their Taurus partner. 

6. A long-term relationship is what a Taurus looks for, but not an Aries. An Aries will only commit if they truly love someone. Therefore, in this relationship, a Taurus might feel that their partner is using them. 

7. Against all odds, their relationship might work because if they both have the same amount of love and commitment for each other. 

Taurus and Taurus 

1. A calm relationship with no problems at all isn’t this our dream relationship? Well, let us tell you one thing a Taurus-Taurus is living this dream relationship right now. 

2. Both of them share the same hatred for unnecessary drama. Hence, they both know what their partner wants and how to please them. 

3. A major problem arrives in their inability to communicate well, and they both know it. However, they both understand this drawback and can work it out together. 

4. A Taurus-Taurus relationship is the one where you could see too much stubbornness in one place. They both share the same stubborn attitude and can be stuck in one thing until the other one gives up. 

5. They take care of each other very well as they know the silliest possible detail about their partner. Moreover, this couple does not depend on the other to take care of them as they very much value self-care and self-love. 

6. The best thing in this relationship is that they know each other very well and can understand the other without much communication. This ensures that they are in their best versions when together. 

7. Efforts are the one thing that plays a very important role in building a relationship. However, in a Taurus-Taurus relationship, they don’t have to put in much effort to prove their love to their companion. With the minimum effort, their love can bloom like a beautiful flower in a garden. 

Taurus and Gemini 

1. A Taurus and a Gemini is not the best combination, to begin with, but they both don’t need a lot of effort to be happy. Their relationship will grow with love because they both appreciate minute things in life which often goes underappreciated. 

2. Taurus is very good at sticking to a specific routine while their Gemini is the exact opposite. This can be a good thing as they can help each other relax a bit and on the other hand, understand the importance of scheduling things.

3. They know how to take care of each other and know the importance of having a self space. 

4. However, their relationship lacks the one thing that needs to be acknowledged in a relationship, that is trust. Gemini is considered to be very shady while a Taurus hates it when someone hides something. So, you can only imagine the condition. 

5. One thing that a Taurus hates more than anything is excuses. They appreciate if their partner is being straightforward to them, but it is the one thing you cannot expect from a Gemini.

6. ‘Action speaks louder than voice’ you might have heard of this phrase, but the only true couple who follows it through is Taurus-Gemini. They know the real meaning of showing efforts rather than making shallow promises.

7. While their relationship lacks communication and trust but if they both are patient enough, their relationship can work out against all the odds. 

Taurus and Cancer

1. Arguments are the one thing you’ll rarely hear in a Taurus and Cancer relationship. They both are very calm and fit together as if they are made for each other, quite literally. 

2. A Taurus-Cancer relationship appreciates the true meaning of trust. They both have full faith in their partner and rarely have something to hide from the other. They know what it feels like when someone is left in the dark and so you can expect a fully transparent relationship. 

3. Cancer partners understand their better half even when they are silent. They are the partners who can listen to each other through silence, which means they do not have to depend on words to communicate with the other. 

4. The only thing a Cancer needs when they are sad is some good laughter, and only their Taurus partner can do that without making them feel bad about themselves. With Taurus’s sarcasm and humor, this relationship can be smooth even in times of trouble. 

5. With all the good things in their relationship, the only thing that causes any turbulence is the stubborn attitude of a Taurus. Once they decide to do something they rarely change their mind about that, which can create problems for their better half. 

6. Jealousy can be a major drawback in their relationship, but their jealousy doesn’t overpower their mutual understanding. They both are equally possessive about each other but that won’t harm their relationship in any way. 

7. There are very few negatives to this relationship. A match made in heaven seems to be very true in the case of a Taurus-Cancer relationship. 

Taurus and Leo

1. This is a relationship that values commitment and loyalty above everything else. They both are very loyal partners and have complete faith in the other. 

2. Taurus and Leo both hate being dishonest and hence trust is the big silver lining in their relationship. They know that their partner won’t cheat and hence have a very secure relationship. 

3. However, problems knock on their doorstep when it comes to communication. Communication is the key to solve all the problems, however, in a Taurus-Leo relationship, they always have a problem in communicating what they feel, especially a Taurus. 

4. Misunderstanding is the root cause of all the distortions in a relationship, and it feels to be true when it comes to a Taurus and Leo bond. It mainly comes due to Taurus’s lack of communication skills and Leo’s lack of understanding. 

5. Drama and Taurus don’t go hand in hand, but Drama and Leo are made for each other. So, you can only imagine the situation of a Taurus when they have a dramatic partner like Leo. 

6. Love is the one thing that they value too much, and to be honest, if they are together, love is the one thing that is common between them. When in love, they will work hard to make their relationship work at all costs. 

7. A Taurus-Leo relationship has many things that don’t go together. It might be the most unusual relationship of all, but if they both show more effort in understanding each other, it might be the best of all.

Taurus and Virgo 

1. A partner who is patient enough for a Virgo to open up and a partner who makes them comfortable is all a Virgo needs. And who better than a Taurus can provide that. A Taurus is very calm and patient and understands that their partner needs time to open up. 

2. Both of the partners have the propensity to analyze the most minute detail. Hence, they both know what the other wants through their analysis. 

 3. It takes a lot for a Virgo to understand their true feelings for their partner, and their Taurus partner can help them through the process. Taurus is known for then steadiness which can be very helpful for their better half as they don’t want to rush into anything. 

4. A Taurus-Virgo relationship is one where they admire each other and understand the value of sticking to a proper schedule. Taurus is very hardworking and Virgo is very determined, together they make a team that no one can compete. 

5. Honesty is the one thing they both expect in a relationship, and let us say that they both got what they wanted through this commitment. They know that trust is important to build a relationship and would do nothing to break it. 

6. Despite all the good things that have helped them build a perfect relationship, one thing that can cause a bump is Virgo’s lack of trust. Virgo has full faith in their partner but deep down they still have a problem trusting their better half. Moreover, this behavior of Virgo can hurt their Taurus partner. 

7. A Taurus-Virgo relationship is one of the best companionship one can look for. They understand each other very well and compliment each other. With some effort and perception, their relationship can prove to be as smooth as silk. 

Taurus and Libra

1. Have you heard about ‘Love at first sight’? Well, this couple has the maximum tendency to fall for the other just at one sight. They have a magical connection that binds them together. This connection can’t be explained, only felt. 

2. They both feel more secure when they are together. Security is one thing that everyone wants in their relationship, but everyone is not as lucky as a Taurus-Libra couple. 

3. Problems start arriving when they start spending too much time with each other. Ultimately, Libra would not get enough space to discover themselves. Moreover, a Libra would gradually start detecting defects in their partner. 

4. A Taurus is generally resistant to changing their attitude while a Libra’s attitude change according to the situation. This can cause a rift between them as a Taurus would find their Libra partners’ character as unreliable. 

5. One of the things that a Taurus loves about their partner is their sense of humor. With the sarcastic remarks of a Taurus and equally clever retorts by their Libra partner, this couple never fails to enjoy a good laugh. 

6. They do have a beautiful mutual bond, but sometimes they might drive their partners mad. They both are poles apart from each other when it comes to their characteristics and attitude. The sooner they realize this thing, the better it would be for their relationship. 

7. A Taurus-Libra relationship can prove to be truly harmonious if they decide to work on their differences.

Taurus and Scorpio 

1. A Taurus-Scorpio relationship resembles true love and affection for each other. 

2. They have great value of trust and honesty and they understand the importance of trust in building a relationship. Their relationship defines the true meaning of understanding between two partners. 

3. Often Taurus’s placid and unreachable nature can cause trouble in this relationship. However, as mentioned earlier, they understand each other very well and can overcome almost any problem that knocks on their doorsteps. 

4. Scorpio is a person who naturally doubts everyone who tries to get attached to them. However, this nature of Scorpio can hurt their Taurus partner and could hurt their relationship. 

5. Both Taurus and Scorpio pay attention to small details of their partner, hence, they can take care of each other very well. They will remember almost everything which can prove to be a blessing in disguise for their relationship. 

6. As they spend time with each other, they will get to know their partner from a different perspective. A Taurus would slowly learn to open up about their feelings to their partner which would establish more trust and faith between them. 

7. Their love is the perfect example of timeless love and eternal affection for each other. They have some differences if one digs deeper into their relationship, but those differences are too shallow for their love to break.  

Taurus and Sagittarius

1. The only thing that keeps a Sagittarius going is their passion, and they need a supportive partner. A Taurus is the perfect kind of companion a Sagittarius always wanted. So, this relationship is kind of a dream come true. 

2. Both Taurus and Sagittarius are very private people. They won’t open up to each other very easily and this might create trust issues between the couple. 

3. Their relationship is filled with deep knowledge of understanding for each other. They compliment each other like the perfect couple and acknowledge what their partner wants. 

4. They both have this quirky sense of humor and sarcasm. They both will crack the worst of jokes with each other and will not regret it. Moreover, it also reflects that they are really comfortable around each other and don’t have the fear of being judged.

5. The optimism and carefree nature of a Sagittarius is something that perplexes their Taurus partner. Positivity, love, and affection are the three pillars on which their relationship resides. 

6. A Taurus values commitment more than anything, but their Sagittarius partner is more likely to face bickerings when it comes to commitment. Again, this indirectly creates spaces between the partner which cannot be easily filled. 

7. This couple has many areas of conflict and if they don’t overcome those, their relationship might come to a breaking point. 

Taurus and Capricorn

1. This is the most ambitious couple of all the other signs. They both have great value of ethics and standards which makes them a perfect couple as they can work together as a team.

2. Judgment is the one thing that doesn’t exist in the dictionary of this couple. They both can be in their worst outfits and still there would be no judgment, but only love. 

3. A Taurus-Capricorn relationship knows the true value of family and home. Ultimately, they both will realize that they want the same thing in the future and this would only help their relationship grow. 

4. Despite all the good features, a Taurus might find their Capricorn partners to be secretive at times. However, they will soon realize that it is one of Capricorn’s characteristic and that would never affect their relationship. 

5. They both are very calm in nature so you would rarely see them fight over petty things. 

6. The only problem that arrives in this relationship is because of the stubborn attitude of both the partners. Moreover, they both are equally stubborn and resolute if they fix their mind into something, which might create an explosion. 

7. Their differences don’t come in between their relationship, rather it complements them. They will overcome every obstacle that causes a hindrance in their relationship. The result, they tend to last forever. 

Taurus and Aquarius 

1. When in love these two would do anything for each other. They both are too much in love and do not give up easily despite their differences. 

2. Analyzing things is what you can expect from both Aquarius and Taurus. So, they know when something goes wrong between them, and if they are willing enough they will work on those problems. 

3. Taurus and Aquarius are poles apart from each other. But the silver lining in this is that they both tend to stand out because of their differences because that’s what makes them unique from others.

4. Miscommunication is a big drawback in this relationship. They always tend to have misunderstandings because of their lack of communication in this relationship.

5. There is absolutely no flexibility in this relationship. They do not tend to adopt from their mistake and they don’t give each other enough self space. Hence, this relationship can prove to be toxic for both of them. 

6. Aquaris is full of amazing ideas waiting to be worked upon and Taurus is very hardworking. With Aquaris’s ideas and Taurus’s experience, they both prove to be great partners. 

7. Their relationship is the one that is most likely to break off if they don’t overcome their differences. They are two completely different personalities and they both want different things, which creates all the mess in their relationship.

Taurus and Pisces 

1. Forget about all the weaknesses the other couples fall prey to because this couple overcomes all the boundaries the others fail to. Long story short, they are one of the strongest pairs out there. 

 2. With Pisces’s strengths to face new problems daily and Taurus’s stubborn attitude of not giving up, they compliment each other like no one else and make the best team of all.

3. Taurus is always in need of a partner that can understand them without saying a single word, and on a surprising note, a Pisces also wants the same thing. They can communicate with each other through expression and they don’t need to depend upon words to describe their feelings.

4. Overthinking the nature of Pisces is one thing that can create a minute problem as Taurus’s stubbornness might affect them. But, as mentioned earlier, they don’t fall prey to minute problems like this. 

5. They don’t feel the need to hide things from their better half, so honesty comes very naturally in this relationship. They don’t have to force the other to trust them, they already have full faith in each other. 

6. Pisces like to escape from the real world into their dreamland which might be an unusual task for a Taurus to handle. A Taurus partner might feel disconnected from their partner because of Pisces’s little escape plan.

7. A Taurus-Pisces relationship is one where they crave for each other. In the end, they will choose their partner above everyone and would nurture their relationship with more and more love.

Taurus is just like a mystery waiting to be solved. They have strong will power and have a charismatic enigma within them. They will nurture you with their love and affection without expecting anything in return. So, if you have a Taurus friend, you don’t need to look for love in someone else. 


  • Taureans have a particularly strong protective nature. They will fight to the death for those they love. Fact 31: Taurus are observant people, they have an eye for small details. They probably know more about you then they ever let on

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