18 Psychological Facts about Breakups

Dealing with breakups is hard to do, whether you are the one ending the relationship or the one who was left heartbroken. For some, it may seem like the end of the world.

You may spend your days and nights trying to figure out what happened, but sometimes it is nice to have some science-backed Psychological facts about breakups at your disposal.

So, here are 18 Psychological Facts about Breakups which I think everyone should know, whether you just just broke up, or are going to break up, or are preparing yourself for a break. You get the gist, don’t you?

1. Breakups are not as bad as they seem.

People think that the pain, anguish, and heartbreak will last forever. A study found that people often overestimate how bad their breakup was. In reality, they get over their ex quicker than anticipated. 

2. The hardest part of breaking up is social media.

Stalking your ex on Facebook or Instagram is a bad idea, but most people still do it anyway. A study proved that the more you look at your ex’s profile, the harder it is to get over them.

3. People are unsure about breakups

Most people are unsure about breaking up until they do it. The funny thing about breaking up is that it is not completely black and white. A recent study revealed that people still question their decision after they have broken up with someone.

4. Breakup changes people (literally!)

A research paper published in Personality and Psychology Bulletin stated: the more committed a person is in a relationship, the higher the chances of them changing after a breakup. Some people may feel like an entirely different person.

5. Men and women deal with breakups differently

Women feel more emotional pain at the beginning of a breakup but eventually bounce back to normal after some time. Men find it much harder to move on with their lives post-breakup.

6. Loss of appetite is normal after a breakup.

The stressful thoughts increase the body’s cortisol level, that diverts the blood away from the digestive tract. That is why even the thought of eating leaves some people nauseated.

7. Breakup changes one’s perspective about relationships

The more breakups a person goes through, the more jaded he might be about a relationship ever working out.

8. Deeply thinking about your ex after a breakup is good

A study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science found that those who repeatedly talk about their ex get over them sooner.

9. Most breakups happen right before the Spring break or at the start of a new year.

10. Couples who are too similar or too different are less likely to have a long-lasting relationship.

11. After the age of 32, the chances of getting a divorce increases by 5 percent every year.

12. Women are more likely to turn to wine while recovering from a breakup.

13. Fighting over finances is the top reason for breakup in married couples.

14. A 2010 study found that people who associate negative words with their partners are more likely to be heading towards a breakup.

15. When women make more money, the relationship was twice as likely to be headed to divorce.

16. People likely have rebound sex within one month of breaking up with their ex.

17. Women are more likely to initiate divorce than men.

18. Most breakups are announced on Mondays.

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