Psychological Facts about Attraction No One Talks About

Psychological Facts about Attraction are fun and provide a great deal of info about the Psychology of Attraction.

The following attraction facts are best ones!

1. You are more likely to be attracted to someone you have no chance with.

2. If someone is attracted to you, they will tend to lean towards you while talking.

3. People look more attractive when they talk about the things they are interested in.

4. Sweaty hands can be a good sign of attraction, as it results from intense adrenaline.

5. People are more likely to judge an attractive person positively.

6. A beautiful face attracts more partners than a beautiful body.

7. If you are attractive, people of your gender will tend to judge you harshly.

 8. Sleeping next to someone you love helps to fall asleep faster.

9. Shy people tend to be more modest, which is considered an attractive trait by many.

10. The butterflies you feel in your stomach when you see someone you like is a stress response caused by adrenaline.

11. Flirting is an effective way of reducing loneliness, depression, and relieving stress.

12. The more sexually attractive you find someone, the more difficult it becomes to lie to them.

13. People can recognize several characteristics about a potential partner (such as weight, dominance level, and emotional state) only by listening to them speak or through their smell.

14. Both men and women are attracted to those with a different genetic blueprint than their own.

15. “I love you” has a more emotional effect on the brain when whispered into the left ear.

16. There is a universal drive to become as beautiful and attractive as possible.

17. Usually, high-paying and high-level positions are held by attractive people.

18. The more attractive politician often receives a more significant amount of media coverage than their less attractive counterparts.

19. The color red is the most attractive color for both men and women.

20. Nurses in a hospital tend to spend more time with the attractive and healthy babies than they do with the ill ones.

21. While in court, attractive defendants are found to be innocent more often than unattractive defendants.

22. The better you become as a person, the better you attract.

23. People under the influence of alcohol often find others attractive.

24. Men and women find symmetrical faces more attractive than non-symmetrical ones

25. Women often find a man’s wealth more important than their physical appearances, while men care more about their partner’s appearance than their income.

Attraction Facts: Women

1. If a girl is attracted to a guy, she will play with her hair while talking to him.

2. Women tend to find a man twice as attractive when they notice that other women are interested in him.

3. Women are biologically attracted to bad boys because their traits resemble those needed for survival (strength and bravery).

4. Women are more influenced by how a man smells than how he looks.

5. When looking for potential dates, women are often most concerned about the height of the man.

6. A man’s facial hair sexually attracts 56% of women.

7. Women are biologically attracted to guys taller than them because height is associated with the ability to protect and defend.

8. Red lipstick makes women appear sexier.

9. Smiling is 68% more attractive than wearing make-up.

10. When a woman is attracted to a man, she speaks in a higher pitch than usual.

11. Women are automatically attracted to guys who make an effort to start the conversation.

12. Women are more attracted to men who pay attention, someone who remembers details about them without having to be reminded.

13. Fertile women exhibit a stronger attraction to typical alpha males than when they are not ovulating.

 14. Women with older fathers are often attracted to older men.

15. The purpose of a female’s permanent swollen breasts is for sexual attraction.

16. When a man finds a woman attractive, he may stick his gut, flex his muscles, and take postures that make him appear taller and more muscular.

Attraction Facts: Men

1. A man has more chances to attract a woman if he wears the color blue.

2. Men are more attracted to women with dilated pupils.

3. Fit legs are the sexiest part of a woman, according to men.

4. When a man continually looks at a woman for 5 seconds or more at a time, he wishes she were his.

5. The way a man stands accounts for over 80% of a woman’s first impression. This is an effective Psychological Hack to impress anyone, not just women.

6. Men are more attracted to women who have a bone structure similar to their mothers.

7. The scent of tears can cause a decrease in sexual arousal in men.

8. When looking for potential dates, men are often most concerned about the weight of the woman.

9. Men are attracted to women who smile, but less so the other way round.


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