Interesting Psychological Facts about Aries

Competitive, Energetic and a mind full of passion let us talk about Zodiac’s first Astrological Sign. With Ram as its Zodiac symbol, Aries are born between March 21st to April 19th. However, they are complex characters and it takes one to know one. So, here are some interesting facts about Aries. 

1. Have you heard of the rhyme ‘Sugar, spice, and everything nice’? That’s an Aries for you. They are sweet and but do not expect them to sugarcoat things. 

2. They are the perfect example of ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. They will always help you to solve problems and never leave you alone. 

3. Messing with an Aries is a huge no-no, but messing with someone they love is like hammering your own feet. Aries are very protective by nature, so if you don’t want to invite trouble, better stay out. 

4. They make very firm and fearless decisions. They are very determined and do not change their decisions easily. In simpler terms, they do what they say and say what they do. 

5. Remember Anger from the movie Inside Out? That was an accurate description of an Aries. They are hotheads and will explode if you irritate them to an extent. So remember we asked you to stay out in point number 3? Please do, and whatever happens, Do Not Irritate an Aries

6. Always wanted a friend to crack all the PJs you have in mind? All you have to do is look for an Aries. They have a great sense of humor and can make you laugh even when you’re crying. 

7. They will never hide anything from you, all you have to do is ask. 

8. Giving up is not a word you’ll find in their dictionary. 

9. Aries are very straightforward and hate people who hide things from them. Even if their honesty and sincerity hurt you, they’ll still be 100% honest with you.

10. They do not allow their weakness or fear to overshadow their success. They have a very strong personality and it will leave a mark on you. 

11. Aries are extremely trustworthy and sometimes this can break their heart because they believe others in an instant. 

12. If you are friends with an Aries, do them a favor and don’t complicate things for them. They consider their time to be too precious to spend on complicated things. 

13. They usually don’t show their soft spot to people, so if they are sharing things with you consider yourself lucky.

14. Lies are contagious for your friendship with an Aries. They know when you are lying, so keep in mind Honesty is the Best Policy.

15. Don’t try to prove them wrong, they’ll twist your mind and prove you wrong instead.

16. They are born leaders and love to take charge. They’ll find out a way to make things work even when it seems there isn’t a way out.

17. Aries might be the most aggressive personalities, but they won’t pick a fight unless necessary. Long story short, they are smart.

18. If you could define them using one word, ‘Fearless’ would be the perfect choice of word. 

19. Sticking to a routine is not something you’d expect from them. 

20. When you’re around an Aries, you can surely expect a good burst of positive energy. 

21. Support them to pursue their dreams, you might shape a future star.

22. You might’ve heard the phrase “Action speaks louder than voice”. Well, it proves to be true in the case of an Aries. 

23. Aries are not usually quiet, but if they are ‘Do not bother them’.

24. No one will mess around with you if you have an Aries by your side. 

25. An Aries will indirectly take revenge from you if they want to. 

Love and Friendship

1. Honesty is one of the many positive traits of an Aries. So obviously they are one of the most loyal types when it comes to love and friendship.

2. You can share almost everything with them without feeling judged, so you can be your goofy self without being criticized for it. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for you to have an Aries friend.

3. Even if you give up on yourself, an Aries will never give up on you. Moreover, they will urge you to bring the best out of your talents.

4. If you think that an Aries needs you, you are wrong. They are self-sufficient and can stand alone. If you are close to them, they will require your presence but don’t think it as their weakness. 

5. They might have a very strong personality, but they do need some love and compassion when they are having a bad day. 

6. They can do almost anything to make their loved ones smile. The thought of seeing their loved ones in tears is enough to make them upset. They will give their 200% to keep their companions happy. 

7. ‘No Strings Attached’ is a concept an Aries prefer. They will not commit until they are very serious about a person. However, once they are in a serious commitment, they will be the most honest and loyal lovers one could get.

8. Remember we said that giving up is not a word you’ll find in their dictionary? Well, that applies not only to a workplace but also in a relationship. They will never give up on you. However, if you want them in your life, you need to fight for them too.

9. Aries can create an impact on your life. They can change your mid-set which can be a good thing. 

10. Love is a very serious thing for an Aries. So it is advised that you don’t play with their heart. Furthermore, try not to break it you might give rise to an emotionally distant person.

11. They are very direct and straightforward which might sound rude if you don’t know them. 

12. If you are friends with an Aries consider yourself one in a million because they will not pretend their friendship. So, if they are talking to you, they are interested. 

13. They like to feel that they mean something to you. Therefore, make them feel important and loved. 

14. Don’t try to be friends with an Aries if you are not strong enough to handle their fiery nature. They do not like people who lack confidence. Nevertheless, if you are related to one, they might help to bring out a major character development. 

15. An Aries is a walking entertainment package. You will never get bored when you are with them. They love socializing and talking to people and they are simply loved by the crowd. 

16. Although they are very mature, they might behave childish sometimes.

17. They only show off their protective nature if they care about you. 

18. They are very good at expressing the way they feel about a person. So, do this world a favor, don’t ruin it. 

19. Jealousy is a thing that comes naturally to them, be it love or friendship. 

20. Aries loves challenges. Hence, they look for a partner who challenges them.

21. They will support you when you need them, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need them. 

22. If you are committed to an Aries and want them to stay, don’t complicate your relationship. 

23. They might detach themselves if they get bored in a relationship. However, if they really care about you, they’ll gift you their World. 

24. They’ll fight your battles, but they won’t leave you alone. Be it an emotional battle or a physical battle, they will fight by your side. 

25. If an Aries cares about you, hurting you would be the last thing on their to-do list. 

Compatibility with other Zodiacs

Aries is ruled by the element fire and the planet Mars, hence the signs that are most compatible with them are Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. However, listed below is the compatibility of Aries with other Zodiac signs. 

Aries and Leo

1. Their love creates spark everywhere they go. Their love is not the kind that fades with time but stays for a very long time.   

2. Leo is not a person who has something to hide. They are very open-minded and which is a blessing in disguise for an Aries partner.

3. Leo and Aries are the signs that love to take in charge which can lead to healthy debates and discussions. If the person is not careful enough, they might hurt other persons’ ego. 

4. Leo has a very magnetic personality that draws attention. This might make their Aries partner a tad bit jealous as they are very possessive and protective towards their partner. 

5. They trust each other very much as they don’t have to hide anything from their partner. They believe in sharing their problems rather than making a big deal out of it. 

6. A Leo-Aries relationship is full of respect and trust. They respect their partners’ emotional needs and desires. Their ego can create a problem sometimes, but they will never give up on each other. 

7. One of the best qualities that can be highlighted is that they don’t hold any grudges. So even if their relationship falls apart, they can still be good friends.

Aries and Aries

1. As stated earlier, Aries are very straightforward and honest which results in a relationship that is crystal clear with absolutely nothing to hide.

2. They both are hotheads, so a fight between the two can result in a volcanic eruption. 

3. Aries are very energetic and passionate about everything, especially love. So, let’s just say they enjoy sharing a lot of time as they both have the same amount of energy, zeal, and compassion.

4. An Aries-Aries couple makes a very good team as they know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. A crisis can emerge when they work together, but they can easily overcome that. 

5. It might get difficult for the couple to stay together for a long time unless at least one of them learns how to manage their anger. 

6. A casual relationship can be very pleasant for both of them as they don’t look for commitments. As long as it is casual, you both are too good to be true. 

7. They can make each other laugh and crack all the bad jokes without being judged. So, let’s just say, they are way more realistic than others. 

Aries and Taurus

1.A relationship between the two of them can be like a roller coaster ride, it might be fun but can also prove disastrous if one screw falls apart. 

2. This relationship can be very beneficial for an Aries as their Taurus partner helps them stabilize things and slow down a bit. They can also help their Aries partner to control their temperament. 

3. Aries are very aggressive and hotheads but on the other hand Taurus is very calm and serene. So, when there is a fight between the two, you can only imagine the situation. 

4. Aries might find their Taurus partner boring and annoying as their energy levels do not match at all. However, the difference in their energy levels can provide some major character development for both of them. 

5. Both Aries and Taurus don’t give up on people they love. So even if they are going through some major crisis, they will find a way to work it out. 

6. An Aries is very loud in expressing their feelings and this can be considered as a superficial gesture by their Taurus partner as they are very silent in expressing what they feel.

7. Aries and Taurus are like two people standing on different edges of the same rope. In order to work things out, they both need to compromise in an equal amount and find a middle ground. 

Aries and Gemini 

1.Gemini hates monotony, and Aries is the least monotonous people. Therefore, it is right to say that a Gemini-Aries relationship is never boring.

2. It is difficult to impress a Gemini because they don’t get easily attached. The only reason a Gemini is attracted to an Aries in the first place is their presence of mind rather than their social skills. 

3. The only thing that lacks in the life of a Gemini is a good laugh. And who can be better than an Aries to put a smile on their partner’s face? Exactly, no one. 

4. With Gemini’s tricky nature and Aries’s short temper, this relationship can be dynamite. 

5. One major drawback of this relationship can be the lack of trust between the two partners. Where Aries is very straightforward, Gemini can be very tricky as they change their intention very quickly. 

6. A Gemini can get distracted very easily which might get troublesome for their Aries partner. They are very dedicated to the person they love but don’t flaunt their devotion which might result in their Aries partner to feel inferior. 

7. Aries are great leaders and Gemini can come up with magnificent ideas. So an Aries-Gemini couple can actually bring out the best in each other. 

Aries and Cancer 

1.Trust is the institution on which the relationship of an Aries-Cancer couple builds upon. They have full faith and trust in each other and will hardly doubt their partner. 

2. Cancer can literally cross oceans for the people they love, and this is the ultimate gesture of love that an Aries enjoy. Aries love it when people show effort or fight back for their love, so a Cancer lover is just the perfect type of companion they might need in their life. 

3. Aries love taking risks while Cancer loves the idea of stability in life. Their relationship can prove to be a burden to both of them. Moreover, Aries might feel curbed with Cancer’s disapproval of taking risks. 

4. Cancer can get easily attached to people which might contradict with Aries’s casual nature. A casual relationship is very good for an Aries but can hurt their Cancer partner. 

5. What’s better than a partner who can help you with your problems? Nothing to be exact. As Aries’s nature of taking risks and Cancer’s nature of solving problems, they can make a team better than anyone expects them to be. 

6. Holding grudges is not a thing you expect from an Aries, but they have to be careful with a Cancer as they remember everything. Cancer might even remember a thing you said ages ago and can bring you down for that. However, this behavior can irritate their Aries partner as they tend to take things casually. 

7. The worst fear of Cancer is abandonment and Aries’s partner is the last person to abandon them. Aries don’t give up on their partner easily, so it is safe to say that Cancer’s worst fear won’t become a reality anytime soon. 

Aries and Virgo 

1.After a long a tiring day, all an Aries needs is someone to talk to and a Virgo partner is the best companion you can find to list your problems to. They will listen to everything an Aries has to say.

2. One of the best things between their bond is that neither of the two will hold any grudges. 

3. Virgo is one of the most faithful signs of all and hate lies. Aries are very straightforward and sometimes brutally honest. Thus a relationship between Aries and Virgo is the one with least trust issues. 

4. Aries are very aggressive and stubborn on the other hand Virgo is very sensitive. So it is possible that the Virgo partner of an Aries might get hurt with their unreasonable attitude. 

5. An Aries might get a little bit controlling when they are with a Virgo, even if they don’t realize it. They can affect the mind-set of their Virgo partner which can have both positive and negative impacts. 

6. Relationship with a Virgo would require an Aries to think before doing anything and let’s just say that would be the last thing they would do.  If an Aries can be a tad bit patient while trying to maintain the relationship, they can go a long way. However, at some point in time, they both might realize they are better off without each other.

Aries and Libra

1.Both Libra and Aries do not develop feelings very easily. But once they are in love with each other, they don’t let go. 

2. Libras are way more mature than the other zodiac signs which may come off as a good thing for an Aries as they need someone to understand their nature. 

3. A constant need for adventure is not a thing you would expect from a Libra. They love their space and want peace in life, unlike Aries who is constantly looking for a new adventure. Therefore, a Libra partner might prove to be a boring one for an Aries. 

4. Insecurity is the biggest drawback you will find in a Libra and therefore, an Aries-Libra relationship can be the one which lacks trust. 

5. One can never expect a thorough plan of action from an Aries, on the other hand, a Libra is a very good planner. So, with some planned spontaneity great things might unravel when they are together. 

6. They both need to be super supportive of each other to make things work. At times it can get tedious, but it’s worth it. 

7. An Aries-Libra couple are quite different from one another yet very similar. They might have their disagreements and differences, but if they find a way to work it out they can bring out the best in each other. 

Aries and Scorpio 

1.Both Scorpio and Aries have a very strong personality. Hence, their company is very good for each other as both of them share a strong will power and a will to live life without giving up. 

2. An Aries can hurt the sentiments of their Scorpio partner with their stubbornness. Scorpios can come off as a very sensitive being which might be a hurdle for their partner.

3. It is easy for an Aries to forget the past but very difficult for their Scorpio partner to move on from something. Scorpio can hold on to a thing from the past for a very long time which in turn can irritate their Aries partner. 

4. If an Aries isn’t sure about their partner, they shouldn’t commit to a Scorpio. Because if they do, even if they are not serious this could lead to a disaster for both of them. 

5. Gaining a Scorpio’s trust is a Herculean task, to begin with. However, with Aries’s brutally honest nature, they can be won over after a while.

6. Being mysterious is one of the many talents a Scorpio possesses, a talent which is not really appreciated by their Aries partner. Aries accept their partner to be open with them, no matter what. 

7. Trust is not an issue in their relationship. However, if at a certain point they begin to doubt their partner’s intention, they won’t last.

Aries and Sagittarius 

1.They both understand the importance of honesty in a relationship and won’t lie to their partner. However, even if they are lying, their better half can easily spot it out. 

2. A relationship between an Aries and Sagittarius is the one that is filled with mutual respect and understanding. Even if they are not together, they will respect their partner’s decision.

3. Both Aries and Sagittarius are adventurous, so you can only guess how much fun they can have when they are together.

4. Boredom can hit an Aries like a truck. However, having a Sagittarius partner can be very beneficial for them as they have no problem in adopting or trying new things. So their relationship can never be boring. 

5. One of the major drawbacks of a Sagittarius is that they give up if they feel that the task is not worth their effort. On the other hand, Aries does not believe in giving up and will try until they succeed. This can be beneficial for their Sagittarius partner, but at the same time can irritate their better half.

6. Their relationship is the one where there is absolutely no space for judgments. So there is no reason to pretend.

7. They do have their differences, but it only makes their life even more exciting. Their differences don’t create distance but attract their partner even more which can help the relationship last longer than anyone would’ve thought.

Aries and Capricorn

1.Capricorn never gives up on someone they love, and this, in fact, is the very reason an Aries got attracted to them in the first place. 

2. A Capricorn has zero-tolerance towards any kind of lies. And an Aries is the last person you will expect to lie. So, trust is the silver lining in their relationship. 

3. Arguments are more likely to go stale in this relationship even with Aries’s hothead temperament. Capricorn usually goes silent when they get angry, unlike their Aries partner. 

4. Aries might find their Capricorn partner boring which might come off as a selfish act for their companion. A Capricorn partner might think that their partner as an emotionless being. 

5. The problem between their relationship does not lie in Aries being emotionless, but their mutual lack of understanding for each other. 

6. A Capricorn can be extremely humorous if you know them enough. But it takes a lot to know one which at times can be difficult for an Aries. However, if you know them well, you both can have a good laugh together. 

7. Their relationship is not a piece of cake but if they do have enough respect for each other, it might as well work out. 

Aries and Aquarius

1.Both of the partners are adventurous and fun-loving, so their relationship is all fun when they want to go out and spend time together.

2. A sense of optimism and spontaneity is a thing both of them enjoy each other’s company. 

3. An Aquarius is very keen to grasp a new perspective and adapt to new things. On the other hand, an Aries is very good at changing perspectives with their dynamic personality. So their relationship can really be fruitful when it comes to trying new things out. 

4. When it comes to open up about their feelings, it might require some level of patience for an Aries if they want their Aquarius partner to open up. However, you can’t expect patience from an Aries, so you know where it goes.

5. Aries and Aquarius both value freedom at first, yet an Aries might try to curb their partner’s freedom. Aries like to take charge which might be troublesome for their better half. 

6. They both share the same kind of humor and intellect so it is good for them to be on the same page for once.

7. There is a lack of understanding and kindness in this relationship which is the root cause of all the problems in their relationship. If they don’t handle each other with patience, their relationship can fall off.

Aries and Pisces 

1. Pisces are very good secret keepers, so their Aries partner can share their deepest and darkest secrets with them. 

2. An Aries might find their Pisces as shady personalities. This is because a Pisces will rather hide their feelings than getting hurt. 

3. Lack of trust is a major drawback in their relationship. Aries expect their partner to be honest with them and be open about their feelings. On the other hand, Pisces will not open up unless they are very sure, so they might appear as shady characters. 

4. Pisces tend to be in their dreamland and Aries tend to snap them out of it. Aries can help their Pisces partner to build a reality out of their dreamland. 

5. A Pisces always rely on the second opinion which might be a cause of irritation for their Aries partner. It might come off as if the opinion of Aries is not enough for their better half.

6. Pisces are very supportive partners and it might be just the thing an Aries needs at the end of the day. 

7. If they want their relationship to work out, they might consider being very open about the way they feel. 


Aries is just like fire; they will provide light in the darkest of days but can also explode if things get out of hand. They are creative and will make everyone’s day brighter by their presence. So, if you have an Aries friend, you are already very lucky. 

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